Gouri mounir

My Land: Video Loop, about 2mn, running

Mounir Gouri is a child of Duchamp. A Duchamp of the Desert, a sand dealer. This video is a passage, from sand to the nation, it is the wheel of time that composes the movements of the hands to sculpt an identity, the Algerian identity. An identity that can not do without this desert.

The Sahara is on the contrary the obstacle, it is the fluid flowing in our hands to unite us and trace our paths and our destiny ...

An ocean that separates the Maghreb from the rest of the African continent: this is how the Sahara was perceived from all time. Yet many roads traverse it through and through, from north to south, from east to west.

It contains regions that are among the most inhospitable of our land, but also centers of intense life. As if the sand that covers it far from constituting an obstacle was instead a fluid flowing in our hands to unite us. The desert, this Sahara receptacle of destinies is like our hands that close and also open on secret and mysterious lines of life. It is a space of circulation, of eternal paths. He is the only master of his destiny and no one else is the same as our hands, he has his own lines and they are unique.

In the video "Moustaqbel" 2014, the artist Mounir Gouri superimposes the word "future" written in the Arabic language to its literal and metaphorical mental representation as perceived in the imagination of the Algerian society. Indeed, the social and economic difficulties make it possible to project into the future a business fraught with uncertainty and insurmountable obstacles, a wall, a dead end.
This barrier is both a source of desire and frustration of life drives will fail. It is also the envy of everyone who aspires to better and peaceful tomorrows.
The aesthetics of calligraphy of the word "Moustaqbel" enthroned on a wall where, bodies project into an aborted momentum that reveals a lack of conviction synonymous with a kind of relaxation and fatigue. The quest is individual first-time first before it is collective in a staging where we see so many bodies, was rushed to a rigid surface, giving input a desperate act, an emergency, a final gesture, a leak but towards what?
The performative acting, very surreal, a little burlesque touches but nothing betrayed the reality of the economic and socio-political situation since the nonchalance of women's bodies as well as that of men suggests bodily masses already emptied of any substance of any vitality before even trying to compete with this business: facing the obstacle. For indeed, this is what it is and more, pushing the concrete wall, roll it back.
The artist himself has inscribed the word "Moustaqbel" on the wall back towards the end of the video for "tagging" or post a question mark before positioning in front of the camera and attach the lens. The resulting image, pushes the viewer to become aware of its presence as a passive observer of a situation. By this gesture the artist Mounir Gouri, move the speech and returns it to the other, the observer which in turn is observed. However, this window where it was possible to attend the course of the performance act reminds us that, indeed, these people are in an interior space, a space perhaps prison.
texte Nadia Seboussi traduit du français par gouri Mounir, 2015

L'Avenir video 3:58 mn 2014.

Corps Fondu

Mounir GOURI Corps Fondu vidéo art 2015