TITRE:l’équilibre   2015

Finding the balance for me is: find a place or the balance between dreams and reality, the balance between constraints and aspirations. It is also to sort out the memories that make us strong and those we wish to forget. A search of every moment, a set of constraints in a world that (era or walking) between balance and imbalance as Vasquez reminder about this title.

This reminds me of a phrase of the Apostle Paul who said, "I do not do the good I want, and I do the evil I do not want" and I think it expresses the tautness that can live inside. The balance (pause). Do not they say that the balance is "a delicate balance between what one is and what one has. "? The balance, so perhaps this sort of tightness, but also seek that peace may be, this feeling of being, being as accomplished, to find the truth at least its truth in which can flourish. Einstein said "Life is like a bicycle, must advance not to lose balance. "And Piaget said," The deepest tendency of all human activity is walking toward equilibrium. "A march toward equilibrium or perhaps a walk to his research.

These questions we are trying to answer. The fear of not making the wrong choices, not being quite up to it, in the right place. Always try to do the best, ask if we can not and / or could not have done more, and simultaneously learn to show reason because certain thing takes time and their realization depends on God.

All this reminds me of a phrase Kery James saying: "I did what I could to failure to have accomplished what I wanted" and maybe this will be my epitaph. I myself have realized that God allowed me to accomplish many things and beyond what I could expect. My balance for me, it's rejuvenating to me that I find in rejuvenating me in my faith and from which are dear to me. My balance.

Text by Malone & Soray